CDA Voluntary Principles for Energy Efficient Connected Devices

The CDA Voluntary Principles for Energy Efficient Connected Devices were developed by the G20 Networked Devices Task Group, consisting of industry and government representatives. The Principles have two focuses:

  • The CDA Voluntary Design Principles provide guidance on the key features of energy efficient connected devices, networks and communications protocols - for use by designers, manufacturers and protocols authors
  • The CDA Policy Principles encourage a common global framework for the development of government policies and measures - for use by policy makers

Supporting the CDA Voluntary Principles for Energy Efficient Connected Devices

The CDA encourages leading device manufacturers, trade associations and government agencies to support the CDA Voluntary Principles for Energy Efficient Connected Devices. As the number of connected devices expands rapidly, these Principles provide an energy efficiency blueprint for designers of products, protocols and policies. They have been developed to ensure that the high standards achieved for energy efficiency through technology advances continue in the new age of connected devices.  

By completing the form below, your organisation elects to support the CDA Voluntary Principles, which means:

  • Your organisation supports these CDA Principles and will endeavour to produce products, services or policies that conform to them
  • The CDA may advertise your organisation’s support for the CDA Principles publicly
  • Support is voluntary and can be revoked at any time

To support the Principles please complete the form below and also email your logo to

Please also email your logo to

[1] current version, dated October 2016

Note that the CDA may confirm that your organisation’s support (or revocation) is authorised by management. For more information please contact

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